Kung fu Tea

Kung fu Tea

Kung fu Tea

Kung fu tea

Kung fu is not merely a martial art, the word Kung fu can be related to any mastery achieved through dedication and practice. Well, considering “Kung fu tea”, is an American beverage franchise headquartered in New York City, and just as you would expect, you will find the finest “shifus” (masters) for making different teas with the greatest of skills, and bubble tea is what they are most famous for with many other beverages of tea. 

The beginning of “Kung fu tea”

It all began in 2009, selling their favorite childhood drink, of top quality as well as innovatively serving the customers by three American entrepreneurs, Michael, Alan, and Raya, and one Taiwan entrepreneur, Sean. Together they initiated the bubble tea business as “Kung fu tea” after visiting Taiwan, where the fourth founder, Sean is from, was already in the bubble tea business in Taiwan. So, the owner is not Chinese at all and the company is not Chinese.

Broadcast of “Kung fu tea” 

Broadcast of “Kung fu tea”

Broadcast of “Kung fu tea”


Their business boomed in America and spread all over the country. And for those who think that “Kung fu tea” is only in America, now you can find the outlets of “Kung fu tea” popping up in Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Stafford, and Cambodia.

Bubble tea or Boba tea

When the name “Kung fu tea” is heard, what they are most famous for would be Bubble tea. To those who are curious, Bubble tea is a Taiwanese beverage, also known as Boba tea. This tea is flavored with milk or fruit, and then chewy Tapioca pearls are sprinkled on top to produce Kung fu tea’s Bubble tea.

Tapioca Pearls.

Kung fu tea” offers several toppings, but the classic one is Tapioca pearls, the famous black color balls on top. The Tapioca pearls are made from Tapioca starch and brown sugar. Tapioca starch is a gluten-free flour that comes from the roots of the cassava plant. So, compassionate customers can rest easy knowing that gelatin is not used in the making of these tiny pearls of deliciousness.

These pearls are commonly known as bubbles or boba, thus giving the beverage its name; “bubble tea”. Many people love the drink just for its Tapioca. Furthermore, these Tapioca pearls stimulate mastication. So, the sweet taste of the tea paired with the chewy Tapioca balls makes up the unique element that boba or bubble tea provides. Drinks like iced coffee or juice have the same constant texture, but with boba, the pearls offer a sort of “break” from the same boring consistency.

Tapioca pearls on cancer

Tapioca pearls on cancer

Tapioca pearls on cancer


However, there had been many controversies about the small “pearl” shaped balls. A report from Germany showed that the chewy Tapioca balls may contain cancer-causing chemicals known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and it has been proven that PCBs can cause cancer through the experiment that has discovered styrene, acetophenone, and brominated substances in Tapioca pearls. 

But the Taiwanese government and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration joined in research to find the truth behind this. They have discovered that none contained styrene. However, acetophenone and brominated biphenyls were found in the Tapioca. But, as the quantity of these compounds in the Tapioca is too small there is no possibility to create any health problems. 

Furthermore, acetophenone and styrene are not PCBs because they are neither chlorinated nor biphenyl. This means that acetophenone and styrene are aromatic compounds and they are not toxic at all. These compounds are not even classified as PCBs and are legal food flavoring substances.

So, consumption of bubble tea or Tapioca pearls alone will not be a cause of cancer or any other health problem. 

“Kung fu tea” menu

Through massive market and product, research to obtain authentic bubble tea flavor, and by pushing it furthermore along through the years, the “Kung fu tea” menu is now armed with a variety of thrilling beverages. All of them are available on their official website for you to check out with the prices as well. They are even selling a lot of merchandise to go with their delicious Kung fu bubble tea. 

“Kung fu tea” focuses on producing bubble tea with the best quality ingredients, and follows the discipline of “3T” to produce their drinks, select the best leaves, brew tea leaves at the correct and precise temperature, and souse the tea leaves for the absolute right length of time.

Tracking the calory intake

No matter how complicated the “Kung fu tea” menu, they are tracking their product very seriously. If you visit their website, you can observe and find out the number of calories in our favorite Kung fu tea of any size that you order and of their toppings with the “Kung fu tea” menu. They will also give you the list of ingredients and nutrient values of each item on the menu so you know exactly the number of calories you drink. 

“Kung fu tea” app

There is an app now for “Kung fu tea”, available in both App Store and Google Play. The “Kung fu tea” franchise grows as the team always being innovative. They are using app-based rewarding programs. The more bubbles, the higher your rank will rise and you can earn more rewards. They collaborating with other food chains like “Yasubee” ramen and TKK fried chicken. 

“Kung fu tea” social media profile boost. 

They made “Kung fu tea” not just to please the taste buds but also to pop the social media profiles of their customers. They are making limited edition beverages to celebrate different communities, Gamers, for example, celebrate with them in their special events. And they touch all possible people using a brilliant social media campaign, with their brand ambassadors. Surprisingly, you can even join the “Kung fu tea” franchise, open a store for them and join their fearless team. 

Nearest “Kung fu tea” store locations.

Anyone can download the app and fill in the information to sign up and enter billing details to order your favorite drinks from the closest outlet. The app will also help you to find the locations near you under locations in the app, so you can think, “Kung fu tea” is always near me. The app will also make you eligible for various rewards including loyalty rewards.

So, there you have it, enjoy the deliciousness of bubble tea today. 

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