Jute Table Mat Set

Jute Table Mat Set 1

Jute Table Mat Set

An introduction to Jute table mat set

When thinking of table ornaments, having an eye-catching table mat set would give a decent and polished look to your table. One of them would be the Jute table mat sets, for they certainly are eye-catching table mat sets suitable for any table. Made out of Jute fabric, it is a type of textile fiber made from the jute plant. While there are a few different botanical varieties of jute, one of the main species used to make jute fabric is Corchorus olitorius / white jute.

History of jute

The history of the use of jute plants in making fiber dates way back over 5,000 years mainly in the Indian subcontinent. Although, the origin of jute in the Asian or African continent is still unclear. Based on the discovered evidence, the plant fiber obtained after processing was not only used for textiles, but also as a food source and as medicine was reported as well. With the introduction of synthetic fibers, however, jute production lagged in the latter half of the 20th century, and it wasn’t until the early 21st century that production of this plant fiber again became a major economic factor in Bengal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other areas of the Indian subcontinent.

Manufacturing of Jute Table Mat Sets

To manufacture these Jute table mats, first, mature Jute stalks are harvested by hand. Then the leaves are removed from the stalks and the stalks go through a process called retting which is for the removal of non-fibrous materials. Once it was done, separating and combing the different sizes of Jute fibers to make them long strings was performed. Then these fine fibers are subjected to a variety of chemical treatments and finally, they are ready to be weaved into beautiful Jute table mat sets.

Environmental impact

Being plant-based, however, jute biodegrades relatively quickly, and it isn’t known for its long-term durability in outdoor applications. Therefore, it does not accumulate in the environment, and it does not release microfibers, which continually cause more and more pollution of waterways and other aquatic ecosystems. So, in a nutshell, Jute has an overall positive impact on the environment. Additionally, it is one of the few natural fibers that provides environmental benefits instead of being detrimental.

Disposal of Jute Mats into Environment

Concerning disposal methods for any jute product, including the burning of them, it has been discovered that it produces only a negligible environmental impact. While synthetic fibers release toxic chemicals into the air when burned would cause environmental pollution. Or these synthetic fibers tend to remain in the environment for centuries when they are discarded in landfills. But Jute fibers rapidly reabsorb into surrounding ecosystems whether they are disposed of properly or not.

Benefits for other cultivations

Also, cultivations of the Jute plant are beneficial in more than one way. Indeed, Jute cultivation returns nutrients to the soil and helps retain soil moisture. Therefore, for healthy soil Jute cultivation would be the answer. That is not all, the growing conditions required by Jute is as the same as rice, and since it returns nutrients back to the earth, growing rice and jute would be ideal with their symbiotic relationship, diminishing the environmental impact of rice cultivation as well. So, by being a loyal customer of any Jute product you are not only helping nature to thrive, but also you help rice growers.

Where to buy the product

Jute Table Mat

Jute Table Mat


Jute Table Mat set production facilities are owned by major corporate conglomerates, and there are small businesses as well. In Sri Lanka too, you can buy Jute products anywhere island wide or you can simply order online and deliver them directly to your doorstep. These Jute Table Mat Sets are available in various designs and also with slots where one can insert napkins into them and they look ethnic. Plus, they are very easy to clean too. They are hand woven and are very durable. So, it is no wonder why these mats give a wonderful dining experience.

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